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Compound Semiconductor
R&D,manufacturing and service provider.
Compound Semiconductor
R&D,manufacturing and service provider.
Compound Semiconductor
R&D,manufacturing and service
Compound Semiconductor
R&D,manufacturing and service
Foundry Services Process
Wide bandgap semiconductor (i.e., SiC and GaN) based power devices are the key for the next step toward the energy-efficient world. Sanan-IC offers a wide choice in foundry service of wide bandgap power devices, including MOSFET and SBD with different voltage rating for a full complement of traditional Si based devices.Sanan-IC also follows comprehensive qualification regime for its power devices to assure a reliable operation in various applications (e.g., consumer, industry and automotive).
Wide bandgap material technology such as Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) give more choice in circuit/system design of power conversion technology, and enable higher switching frequency, higher efficiency, and higher power density never before possible with Silicon MOSFETs. SAIC's GaN E-HEMT technology target serving consumer and industrial applications such as adapter/charger, telecom/server SMPS, wireless power, on board charger(OBC) with cost effective solutions.
Process Application Features PDK Download
650V 0.5um GaN/Si
Telecom/server SMPS,
Wireless power,
PV Inverters,
On board Charger (OBC)
0.5um P-GaN Technology;
M1/M2 Interconnection (M3 Coming Soon);
8~10 mil Wafer Thickness;
Back Metal+Dicing;
Under Qualification;
200V/100V 0.5um GaN/Si
DC-DC for POE, EV architecture, and LED headlamp;
HD audio;
Motors Inverter;
Coming Soon
SAIC has a SiC 4"/6" compatible process line, offers SiC SBD and MOSFET foundry services. The main features of SAIC's SiC foundry service includes: MOCVD epitaxy,high temperature ion implanter, high temperature activation, SiC wafer thinning, laser annealing, inline AVI test, laser dicing, and wafer level WAT/CP test.
Process Application Features PDK Download
650V/1200V SiC JBS
DC/AC inverter
Power Factor Correction Circuit(PFC)
Switch Mode Power Supplies
Wide device rating: 2-40A
Short recovery time
Zero reverse recovery current
Temperature-independent performance
High-speed switching
Coming Soon